MPanel Shade Designer
Shade Sail design CAD required!
Three steps to designing a shade sail
1. Take your measurements. The best fit will be achieved by taking your measurements from the fixing points at the tops of the masts.
2. Enter your measurements in MPanel Shade Designer software. With a laptop computer, this can be done in the field and measurements checked for accuracy before you leave the site, saving extra trips.
3. Send your patterns to an automatic cutting machine, or simply measure them out on the shop floor and cut manually.
Automatic Cutting Table
Cut fabric by hand
MPanel Shade Designer is ideal for designing shade sail structures, made using HDPE knitted shade cloth. A major benefit of Shade Designer is that it stands alone, requiring no expensive CAD package, while using our mathematical alogrithm to make sure you achieve the correct shape.

Everything you need is within Shade Designer. You input the dimensions, in Metric or Imperial units. Shade Designer checks your measurements for accuracy, calculates the correct shape, and then draws out the patterns for you!

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